Control your glucose
levels today.


Control your glucose
levels today.

Control: Glucose

Control: Glucose is formulated to prevent sugar spikes and crashes, satiates your appetite to help you reach your weight loss goals, while also balancing your energy and mood.* This plant-based supplement is the perfect alternative to your standard apple cider vinegar shot or gummy.

A modern lifestyle means that eating freshly prepared, healthy meals isn’t always possible. If you don’t have time to plan a balanced diet or fall back on processed foods with hidden sugar, your body may be unable to maintain optimized blood sugar levels. Control: Glucose helps you moderate the peaks and valleys of your blood sugar, while balancing your energy and mood with regular use.

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30 Tablets | 30 days

"This keeps my sugar levels from spiking or crashing and reduces my cravings. I have more energy and I feel fuller longer and I'm losing weight."
- Keith
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Safe and effective.

All of our ingredients are organic, transparent, and clean.
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