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Perform: Daily Inflammation

Fully organic scientifically developed supplement to reduce stiffness, soreness, daily aches, and much more..

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Short Term Effects

Whether we are sitting at our desk, working out, or just trying to feel our best everyday. Daily inflammation is a constant in all our lives. 

Our formula is specifically targeted to deliver these benefits within a couple of days after overexertion:

  • Reduced Aches and Stiffness

  • Decreased Muscle Soreness

  • Increased Movement & Range

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Faster Recovery

Long Term Benefits

Feeling your best everyday is a journey and we recognize health is important both short and long term. Having the highest quality products that are safe and effective is essential for us. Our fully organic clinically studied ingredients when taken long term provides... 

  • Improved Joint health

    Both Turmipure Gold and Sensoril provide joint health benefits. Determined by a validated standardized questionnaire, subjects taking our ashwagandha ingredient had significant improvements in joint function along with decreased stiffness (Ramakanth, G. et al. 2016.). In addition, review on turmeric  have been recently published, which consistently demonstrated joint health benefits (improved function, range of motion, reduced pain), using similar levels of total curcuminoids in our product.

  • Stress Management

    Two months of daily use of Sensoril® ashwagandha  (125 mg) decreased overall stress by 62.2% compared to placebo using the validated modified Hamilton anxiety scale for stress. (Auddy, B. et al. 2008).

  • Increased Energy

    Balancing energy requirements is essential for peak performance. Sensoril® ashwagandha (125 mg) showed a seven times greater reduction in fatigue compared to a placebo (Auddy, B. et al. 2008). This reduction in fatigue may lead to a natural increase or balancing of energy without the highs and lows of stimulants like caffeine. Increased energy is another mechanism for increased strength and improved performance.

  • Enhanced Focus and Reaction Time

    Sensoril® ashwagandha supports improved reaction time and enhanced focus. In only 2 weeks of supplementation, subjects showed significantly faster reaction time compared to placebo (Pingali U. et al. 2014). In a separate study, subjects consuming Sensoril showed nearly two times the ability to concentrate (focus) compared to the placebo group (Auddy, B. et al. 2008).

  • Better Sleep

    Sensoril® Ashwagandha reduced occasional sleeplessness two times more than the placebo (Auddy, B. et al. 2008). Improving sleep is directly related to a reduction in stress and specifically a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, which can disrupt the body’s natural balance. Reducing cortisol supports healthy circadian rhythms, required for restful sleep. In this study, Sensoril® ashwagandha also showed a 70% improvement in ability to sleep compared to baseline. 


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    Incredibly Bioavailable

    Chromium is a critical micronutrient that is well recognized for its important role in maintaining healthy glucose metabolism. Formulated with plant-based ingredients, Crominex® 3+ (Natreon, Inc) is a unique trivalent chromium supplement prepared by complexing trivalent chromium with two natural products, Phyllanthus emblica and Shilajit. This complex improves the bioactivity and stability of chromium, by minimizing the conversion of Chromium III to Chromium VI, and also allows chromium to be better absorbed in the body. With consistent use, this complex establishes an optimal baseline of chromium levels, and optimizes insulin function and glucose transport.

    Turmipure Gold® is a highly bioavailable turmeric ingredient that contains at least 30% total curcuminoids in a proprietary lipid complex. In a recently completed randomized, cross-over pharmacokinetic study (30 subjects), the total bioavailability of Turmipure Gold® was compared to 4 other turmeric products (containing between 1,000-1,500mg turmeric) over a 24-hour period.  One of the products contained turmeric plus piperine, a pepper-derived ingredient known to improve uptake of turmeric. As shown in the figure below, 300mg of Turmipure Gold® delivered significantly higher levels of curcuminoids to the blood than any of the other turmeric extract, including a turmeric/piperine combination. Based on this, Upgraid’s formulation with 300mg turmeric has the same bioavailability as 1,500mg of other turmeric (95% standardized extract) products.

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    Highly Studied Adaptogens

    Ashwagandha is one of the most well-studied adaptogens, defined as a plant extract that helps the body resist the effects of everyday stress and improve normal physiological functioning. It has been used in traditional Ayurveda for thousands of years to promote longevity and enhance vitality. However, generic ashwagandha extracts suffer from lack of proper optimization of the extraction process, standardization of the bioactive constituents, consistency in quality, safety studies and human clinical studies. These problems have been addressed by Sensoril® Ashwagandha, the other main ingredients in Perform: Daily Inflammation. Sensoril® Ashwagandha uses a unique combination of leaves and roots, to deliver a comprehensive extract with increased levels of withanolide glycosides and superior performance. Sensoril® is extracted using a specialized, water-based extraction process and is standardized to three key bioactives: withanolide glycosides (>10%), oligosaccharides (>32%) & withaferin A (<0.5%), with a patented composition (US 7,318,938, CA2508478C). 2021 Salacia Clinical Trial Summary .xlsx and summarized below

    Control: Glucose contains 325 mg of MetaVive (, which is a scientifically validated whole-plant extract of Salacia chinensis with both DNA fingerprinting, for plant and species verification, and traceability and HPTLC fingerprinting, to ensure authenticity.

    MetaVive supports healthy glucose and insulin levels because of its impact on carbohydrate digestion. It inhibits activity of a key digestive enzyme, α-glucosidase, which works in the gut to break down carbohydrates from food to individual glucose units that only then can enter the bloodstream. By inhibiting this enzyme, fewer carbohydrates are broken down and as a result less sugar is absorbed and distributed into the bloodstream. This effectively flattens the spike in

    blood glucose levels after ingesting a high carbohydrate meal or drink. An example of the action of Salacia is shown in Figure 1.

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    Decreasing Cortisol Levels

    Sensoril® decreases cortisol levels, a key marker of stress, and CRP, a marker of the body's natural immune response compared to placebo (Auddy, B. et al. 2008). As shown the figure on right, the Sensoril® group showed improvement in serum cortisol levels compared to placebo.

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    We Conducted A Study

    A recent (2020) validated consumer perception study was conducted on Upgraid's Perform:  Daily Inflammation. The study was statistically powered and fielded with 111 healthy subjects who took the product daily for four weeks. Over the month-long study, initial baseline data and changes were recorded during check-ins and at one, two, and four weeks. After only one week of use (results are normally expected after two weeks of use), 60% of participants reported feeling more comfortable with physical activity. After two weeks, 65% of participants reported feeling that their joints were less stiff, particularly when waking up. After one month:  

    ● 80% of participants noticed less swelling in their joints and felt they could move easier 

    ● 78% of participants reported less discomfort after physical activity. 

    ● 83% of participants found that they felt less achy or stiff. 

    ● 66% of participants reduced their use of OTC pain medication during the study. 

    Here is more information on this consumer use study: User Perception Study

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    90% Recommendation Rate.

    90% of participants in this study said that they would recommend this product to friends and family members experiencing similar aches and pains. 90% of participants said they would continue to use the product. 99% of participants said the product met or exceeded their expectations.

Traceable Ingredients

Meet Our In-House Scientists and Experts

Helene Rutledge

Technical Leader, Innavator and Change Agent. Former VP R&D for Nature’s Bounty, Head of Global Open Innovation at GlaxoSmithKline, Director of Global Clinical Supplies at Pfizer, and Chief Innovation Officer of New Avon.

Dr. Kim Biedermann

PhD Scientist/Clinical Product Development. Led Product Development and Medical teams at Procter & Gamble, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline
Consumer Healthcare. Inventor on 25+ Patents, author of 35+ Scientific publications.

Cynthia Sass, MPH, RDN, CSSD

Performance dietitian, private practice. Exec Health nutrition consultant (former MLB, NBA, NHL) Health Magazine contribution nutrition editor.