Become an Upgraid Ambassador

Upgraid Ambassadors

We would love for you to be a part of the Upgraid family. We want you to inspire those all around you to get better every day and to use the best of science and nature to proactively improve all of our health. At Upgraid, our brand means more than just a product--it is a mission to improve the lives of those around us with a health and wellness revolution. Our products are the perfect combination of real science with real plant-based ingredients, designed to reduce our usage of synthetic chemicals and to create a proactive daily healthcare routine!

What does an Upgraid Ambassador do?

We want people who are active in the health and wellness space, who are committed to not simply selling our products, but show a commitment to finding organic, plant-based solutions instead of using harsh synthetic chemicals to be proactive about their healthcare.

If you need a refresher about our products and company goals, just reach out to us and we’ll give you the time that you deserve to feel comfortable in your position. When you become an Ambassador, you become a part of the Upgraid team and we will be happy to support you every step of the way.

To qualify as an Ambassador, you must be active on social media or an avid blogger, and over the age of 18.

Why Should I Apply to Become a Brand Ambassador?

Great question! There are countless brand ambassador programs in existence with health and wellness companies. So, why pursue becoming a brand ambassador for Upgraid? Here’s why:

We offer exceptional perks to Upgraid Ambassadors:

What separates us from other Brand Ambassador programs? The perks for Upgraid cannot be beat:


  • Signing bonus - Free Products & Swag just for signing up for the program
  • An exclusive discount code for you to promote to your followers for 25% off
  • Your unique code is tracked and the opportunities & reward are endless!
  • The Ambassador with the most sales in calendar year receives a significant cash and product bonus.

What are some promotional ideas to help boost sales?

We have several organic promotional ideas for how you can boost your sales. Try some or all of these methods:


  • Regular Instagram posts promoting Upgraid
  • Mention of Upgraid partnership in your Instagram Bio
  • Regular Instagram stories promoting your Upgraid discount code
  • Product giveaway contests run regularly via newsletter blasts & social media
  • Upgraid logo & link to the product on your website for easy purchasing
  • Upgraid logo & mention of the discount code in your newsletter blasts

Be a part of our community and educate yourself about health & wellness!