“A product provides a solution. A belief can change the world.”

- Justin Kamine

Our Story

When Justin Kamine learned that 86% of healthcare costs are spent treating ongoing conditions, while only 3% are spent preventing them, he knew there was a problem that needed a radical approach to fix. CCoupled with his concern over watching his loved ones consuming harsh, synthetic chemicals to treat these issues, Justin committed himself to finding organic, plant-based solutions to drive healthier lifestyles. He wanted to develop a disruptive solution to this global issue, but knew that he couldn’t do it alone….

In early 2019, Justin contacted Helene Rutledge, a long-time pharma exec with an unparalleled resume, previously holding such titles as Chief Innovation Officer of New Avon, Global R&D Director of Pfizer Clinical Supplies, Head of Open Innovation at GlaxoSmithKline, and VP of R&D at Nature's Bounty.

Justin asked her a single (albeit complex) question: “Why has no one ever taken a scientific approach to clinically study organic, healthy, and effective plant-based ingredients to alleviate the effects of a variety of health issues?"

Helene initially didn't have an answer, but soon began developing a solution to Justin’s question. After several weeks of intensive research, she called Justin and told him, “I’ve figured it out. Let’s work on something together.” For Helene, it was time to leave traditional corporate life behind to start a movement. That movement has started with the formation of Upgraid.

Since the company’s inception, Upgraid has evolved dramatically--from product maker to standard bearer. By no longer accepting a reactive, synthetic-based health care system, we can all do our part in coming together to drive the change we need. Helene and Justin’s credibility and vision sparked the interest of other top nutritionists, fitness experts, food celebrities, and product disruptors who decided to join the Upgraid team and work together to turn this mission into a global movement.

At Upgraid, our team takes the most rigorous scientific approach to sourcing the highest quality, clinically tested ingredients to deliver science-backed products with zero synthetic chemicals, zero compromise, and zero false promises backed by plant-based ingredients and 100% transparency.

Upgraid's Perform Daily Inflammation

Founders of Upgraid

Justin Kamine


Justin has been focused onto some of society's largest problems in the food and health space for 10 years. He has been a successful entrepreneur including becoming a Forbes30U30 and ranked one of the 50 most impactful entrepreneurs in the U.S. across a multitude of businesses.

His passion to help people, the environment and to create a more fair and just society is his key driver. This commitment has culminated in the creation of Upgraid and the belief that together we can all enact the change we want.

Helene Rutledge


Helene Rutledge's passion for science stretches a lifetime, and for 30 years, she served as an influential engineer, product developer, and chief executive of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, including Pfizer, Glaxso Smith Kline, Nature's Bounty, and New Avon.

While a tremendous force in pharma, Helene made her mark as an innovator in research and development, and has brought her expertise and ingenuity to becoming not only the co-Founder of Upgraid, but also the chief formulator for all Upgraid products.


We're not a company on a mission to deny the efficacy of synthetic chemicals for serious health conditions. They do have a place in medicine. However, we seek to put forth solutions to how we can forever alter the health and wellness space without the aid of harsh chemicals.

Upgraid is for people who are on a journey towards holistic health through diet, exercise, and safe, efficacious, plant-based solutions. Upgraid mission is to take science and nature, and combined them to upgrade your daily health.

Quality preventative healthcare needs to be within reach of everyone across the economic spectrum. Upgraid provides consumers with plant-based, researched-backed preventative products at a price point that is affordable for everyone.


Education about health and wellness should not cost you anything. Neither should being a part of a community of like-minded individuals who are looking for positive solutions to your healthcare needs. That’s why Upgraid became a health and wellness company.

People of course ask us, “Is Upgraid a supplement company?” It’s a reasonable question, but the simple answer is...no. Upgraid is devoted to offering free resources to learn more about how to optimize your healthcare. Our products are a manifestation of our mission.

Part of the reason we started Upgraid was our disappointment with the supplement industry. There are many companies with good intentions, but others who are looking to make money by selling a product that either does nothing, or at worst, does harm. That’s why the ingredients w/ use have been vigorously clinically studied. Unique to other health and wellness companies, Upgraid’s co-founder, Helene Rutledge, is also the chief formulator of our products. We don’t simply own a company and hire others to do the most important work--our founders have been on the product journey from the farms where we chose our ingredients to the lab, where we proved the efficacy of our product.

We are a category creating health and wellness company. In our products, we use only plant-based ingredients, paired with a pharma-industry scientific mindset and validated with consumer data to support holistic health by combining products, coaching,education, and communities of support to make measurable improvements in overall human health for consumers who are seeking to proactively upgrade their quality of life.

Upgrade to a healthier state of life

We combined the best organic ingredients into our daily products to promote a healthy lifestyle and feel better every day.

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