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WATCH: UPGRAID's First Documentary,

WATCH: UPGRAID's First Documentary, "The Battle to Defeat COVID: Stories of Millennial Survivors"

We are thrilled to introduce UPGRAID’s first foray into the documentary world. Introducing, "The Battle to Defeat COVID: Stories of Millennial Survivors." 

After UPGRAID co-founder, Justin Kamine, suffered a terrifying bout of COVID-19, we did some research and were stunned to learn about so many other young, healthy New Yorkers with no pre-existing conditions became sick, as well. We wanted to learn more about their experiences so, in addition to Justin, we spoke with six other young New Yorkers who overcame COVID and turned this intrigue into a passion project. 

What we discovered in our conversations was that these individuals all had one thing in common: they all credited their survival to their proactive approach to health and wellness. Watch the film below!

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