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Upgraid Announces Exciting User Perception Study Results for Perform: Daily Inflammation

Upgraid Announces Exciting User Perception Study Results for Perform: Daily Inflammation

Perform: Daily Inflammation User Perception Study Results Are In

At Upgraid, science is the backbone of everything we do. Unlike most FDA-regulated plant-based companies, we are committed to the effectiveness, results, and accountability of our products. Because of that commitment, we have invested in an always-on research program for all of our products.

We are excited to share the results of our latest validated and significant user perception study, conducted on Perform: Daily Inflammation. The study was statistically powered and fielded with over 100 subjects who took the product daily for four weeks. Over the month-long study, we looked at initial baseline data and the improvements reported during check-ins at one, two, and four weeks.

We are excited to announce that the results of the study were beyond positive. As expected, the experiences of our participants improved over time. Here are some of our findings:

    • After only one week of use (results are normally expected after two weeks of use), 60% of participants reported feeling more comfortable with physical activity. 
    • After two weeks, 65% of participants reported feeling that their joints were less stiff, particularly when waking up.
    • After one month, over 80% of participants reported noticing less swelling in their joints and feeling like they could move easier and better.
    • After four weeks, 83% of participants reported feeling less achy or stiff.of consumers after four weeks feel less achy or stiff.
    • After four weeks, 78% of participants reported feeling less discomfort after physical activity.
    • After four weeks, 66% of participants reported taking O.T.C. pain medication less often. 

Even more importantly, after the conclusion of the study, the results far exceeded benchmarks for branded CPG products

    • 90% of participants said that they would recommend this product to friends and family members experiencing similar aches and pains.
    • 90% of participants said they would continue to use the product.
    • 99% of participants said the product met or exceeded their expectations. 

What Participants Are Saying

Not only did our participants report feeling better, they also had some fantastic things to say about Perform: Daily Inflammation. Here are just a few examples:

    • “I didn’t know Perform: Daily Inflammation had such great effects as energy, fixing aches and pains, and helping sleep well.”
    • “My legs feel better than they have in years after taking these and getting better sleep with them too.”
    • "I’ve taken supplements for my joints before and didn’t think it would perform as well as it did.”
    • “It gave my much better flexibility, sound rest and energy."
    • “When it kicked in, I started to feel much better, with fewer timeouts.”
    • “It helped me feel great with more energy during my physical activity. It helped ease my joint pain and my body feels younger, even with my high level of activity for my age.”

What This Means To Upgraid and You

At Upgraid, we’re all about transparency, effectiveness, and accountability. This study reflects our commitment to taking the best of science and combining it with the best of nature to upgrade preventative health. We’re excited about continuing to showcase our findings to our customers and look forward to reporting more data in the future!

If you’ve had similar positive experiences, please let us know by leaving a review on our shop page or emailing us at

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