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UPGRAID Announces Global Team of Investors, Athletes, Celebrities, and Pharmaceutical Executives Joining to Revolutionize Human Health

UPGRAID Announces Global Team of Investors, Athletes, Celebrities, and Pharmaceutical Executives Joining to Revolutionize Human Health

Since our first product launch in late 2019, UPGRAID has been committed to creating a world that prioritizes our health over profits, where we do not have to choose between what is good for us and what is effective. And as UPGRAID co-founder Justin Kamine noted, “Food is medicine, and at UPGRAID our goal is to provide the next generation of scientifically-reviewed, organic products that are both affordable and accessible to consumers.”

By supporting fully organic, vegan, non-GMO products, UPGRAID seeks to addresses some of the most prevalent conditions affecting people around the world. UPGRAID uses scientifically-proven principles and a preventative mindset to help people be healthier and feel better every day. UPGRAID is for everyone, including world-class athletes. With our NSF Certified for Sport designation, current and retired sports professionals like basketball Hall-of-Famer Dikembe Mutombo and soccer great Julian Gressel have committed to support UPGRAID along with nutrition expert and former President Barack Obama’s Chef and Senior Policy Advisor on Nutrition, Sam Kass.

Today, we are truly moved by the support of new and long-time customers alike, who have chosen to put their health and well-being at the forefront of these challenging times by supporting a small and growing business committed to bettering the lives of others. As we face this new normal, we are committed to helping people alleviate discomfort and improve the overall health and well-being. In addition, we also want to help better the lives of those who aren’t our customers. 

Philanthropy plays a significant role in our mission to better the world, regardless of the state of affairs. We know that people are struggling to access some of the most basic essentials needed to survive. 

Since last week, we have donated 10% of sales for every UPGRAID bottle sold to Citymeals, a non-profit that provides a lifeline for meals and companionship to homebound, elderly neighbors. Thus far, we are thrilled to announce that we have donated over $1600 to this fantastic organization. We’ve decided to extend this commitment to Citymeals for the remainder of April and we will also donate to a Citymeals initiative that pays for an entire year of weekend meals for two vulnerable recipients. 

UPGRAID co-founder Helene Rutledge recently said, “Health is about being proactive, preventative, and knowing that you’re putting the best ingredients into your body.” 

These words ring truer today than ever before and that is why UPGRAID came into existence: Now more than ever, people should be proactive, not reactive about health and wellness. 

Over the next year, UPGRAID will continue to promote a proactive approach to healthcare by launching additional products in the UPGRAID line and expand as a health and well-being company that people need and deserve.

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