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Announcing a Global Collaboration with Givaudan to Further Validate Our Continued Leadership of the Plant-Based Healthcare Movement

Announcing a Global Collaboration with Givaudan to Further Validate Our Continued Leadership of the Plant-Based Healthcare Movement

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Givaudan, a global ingredient company with over 14,000 employees and revenues totaling over $6B yearly, will be assisting Upgraid in expanding our product offerings and company growth through its subsidiary, Naturex. With a focus on our passion and commitment to uniting world-class science with the best of nature, we sought out a partner that puts science first in their product design, to push the limits on what can be achieved with plant-based healthcare. With our new partnership with Naturex, this mission is now becoming a reality. 

Our collaboration with Naturex began with the launch of Upgraid’s first product, Perform: Daily Inflammation™ (formerly known as Pro.Active Recovery™). With their continued assistance, preventative healthcare will become more accessible than ever before.  

We’re beyond excited about this announcement, because it’s further confirmation that Upgraid is the premier health and wellness company developing products that are validated by science with the right scale needed to forge this unique opportunity, alongside such a trailblazer as Naturex. 

Just as we believe in them, Naturex believes in our mission to do what no one else was capable of doing before: use clinically studied, plant-based ingredients to alleviate the effects of some of the most common daily health issues. Real Science drives Real Results!

In the year since we launched Upgraid, we've made incredible progress. Upgraid has rebranded, expanded our workforce, and instituted a team of investors and partners that we are honored to have on our side. All the while, we have stayed true to our mission of providing guidance, community, and plant-based products free of synthetic chemicals, to build a more effective and preventative healthcare company. 

As we embark on this journey with Naturex, we will continue to leverage the best of both companies, including research and development, clean, safe, and effective ingredients, as well as speed to market. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of self-care and help to change preventative healthcare for all of humankind. 

To read the full press release, read the article here.

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