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Introducing Upgraid's Newest Product...Control: Glucose

Introducing Upgraid's Newest Product...Control: Glucose

Sugar is one of the biggest problems we have in society. The costs associated with the overuse of sugar are astronomical, and the long-term problems it causes for our overall healthcare are substantial.  

We're excited to announce that in our continued effort to leverage the best of science and nature, for proactive healthcare, Upgraid, Inc is releasing our second product, Control: Glucose, which is now available for purchase. 

What's So Unique About Control: Glucose? 

Made from plant-based, clinically studied ingredients, Control: Glucose can help you maintain normal blood glucose levels by lowering the glycemic impact of food.* Our proprietary plant-based blend, which includes chromium, salacia, amla extract, and shilajit, works together to moderate the peaks and valleys of your blood sugar, while balancing your energy and mood with regular use.* 

This product helps you maintain your metabolic health and slows blood sugar metabolism for healthy glucose management, while supporting healthy carbohydrate metabolism, as well.* When paired with exercise and a healthy diet, Control: Glucose can keep you on track for your wellness goals.* 

Control: Glucose, when taken with your biggest meal, will moderate that post-meal blood sugar spike from the very first dose. We recommend taking daily for additional, long-term glucose management benefits. Not only do we have clinical studies on the ingredients, but we are launching for the first time ever an exciting, scientific approach to lead the whole preventative healthcare movement. We look forward to sharing with you more to come on this movement in the near term. 

Where Can I Find Control: Glucose? 

If you are interested in purchasing Control: Glucose, just visit the Shop page at our website, to purchase your first bottle or start your subscription of Control: Glucose. 2020 has been unpredictable, so ring in the new year by taking control!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Moderate the peaks and valleys of your blood sugar, while balancing your energy and mood.
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