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A New Chapter in the Upgraid Story...

A New Chapter in the Upgraid Story...

Over the last several months, the Upgraid team has been working tirelessly to turn the vision of our company’s future into a reality. We're thrilled to announce that we've crossed the finish line and are ready to showcase the fruits of our labor. So, here are three exciting changes that have now been implemented:

  1. You may notice we've made some visual alterations to our brand that resonates across all of our platforms. We've worked with the incredible design studio team at Dear Future to develop a new logo, new colors, new labeling (more on that later), and even a new font. Take a look here:

  1. We've improved our flagship product, but ONLY what's on the outside of the bottle. Pro.Active.Recovery is now known as Perform: Daily Inflammation. Staying true to our commitment to full transparency, we asked our customers what adjustments to Upgraid's first product do you think should be made. While nothing has changed in our formula or our tablets, Upgraiders thought that some of the labels were difficult to read. So we made the text larger and developed a font that fits our style. The product is designed to provide relief for inflammation, but the original name of the product didn't truly reflect that. So we listened, and renamed it Perform: Daily Inflammation. The product still has the same world-class organic ingredients, formula, and tablets you love, now with a new and improved label. Check out the before and after:
  1. Finally, working side-by-side with the brilliant team at Pinchforth, our website has been optimized to the max and completely improved to fit not only with our new branding, but to help you better navigate our shop page and access your account. We encourage you to peruse our Health Hub to access free health-related content and join our community of passionate health and wellness customers and experts on We discovered that 95% of our traffic occurs via mobile phone. That's why our site was developed with mobile-first in mind. Surf our website however you'd like, but know it was designed with YOU in mind. Here’s a peak of what you’ll see when you arrive at the new and improved

It’s important that we point out these exciting changes, but we want to remind you that what hasn’t changed is our mission, our transparency, and our commitment to leading the charge in improving preventative health without the aid of synthetic chemicals. Our look has changed, but not our motivation to make our customers feel their very best. 

We believe these changes make Upgraid that much more of a game-changer in the health and wellness world. We look forward to having you join us on this next exciting phase of the Upgraid journey and we greatly appreciate having you part of the Upgraid family. 


All the Best, 

The Upgraid Team

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