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Food as Medicine? We'll Take Two, Please.

Food as Medicine? We'll Take Two, Please.

UPGRAID team member Sam Kass was lucky enough to join Well+Good for a special episode of their series, Cook with Us. See below for a recap and link to the episode:  

Why all the hype over a salad dressing that doubles as an inflammation fighter? Because Kass believes that food is the foundation of our health.

Hot take: Salad dressing is the differentiator between a homemade salad that tastes like you paid $20 for it, or a bland bowl of greens and veggies you’re ready to toss in the trash after a few bites.

Often, store-bought dressings contain lots of preservatives and artificial flavors. With homemade dressing, you're in complete control of what goes into your body. While it may be daunting to make your own, crafting a dressing is really not as hard as it might seem.

On our latest episode of Cook With Us, senior food and health editor Jessie Van Amburg challenged Sam Kass—cookbook author and former White House chef to the Obamas—to whip up an anti-inflammatory meal in less than 30 minutes. While Kass is widely respected in the food world, the star of the show was his five-minute turmeric salad dressing. Watch the video to see why!

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