Made from Nature.
Backed by Science.

Combining Plant-Based Ingredients with
Real Science to Upgrade Preventative Health

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Combining the best of plant-based ingredients with the best of science, to better your health

Every Day Get Better

With Clinically Studied, Plant-Based Formulas Specifically tailored to proactively improve your daily health.

Upgraid is a category-creating healthcare company committed to helping people feel their best without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Percentage of Respondents from a study after 30 days of daily use with Perform: Daily Inflammation.

Reduced use of OTC pain medications*
Less discomfort after physical activity*
Reduced joint swelling, increased motion*

Our Story

We are on a mission to upgrade healthcare because so much of the current system is broken. By focusing on plant-based ingredients, paired with industry leading scientific rigor and data validation, we are addressing the causes of lifestyle-based conditions.

With over 86% of our healthcare costs being spent on chronic conditions and only 3% spent on preventing this needs to change! That is why our Cofounders started Upgraid, by pairing the best of science: Helene is the former Global R-D Director of Pfizer, Chief Innovation officer of New Avon and the best of nature: Justin a Forbes 30U30 for Food – to help you feel your best.

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Perform: Daily Inflammation*

Reduce unhealthy inflammation, aches, stiffness, and soreness without synthetic chemicals. Perform: Daily Inflammation is fully organic and formulated to:
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  • - Reduces muscle and unhealthy joint inflammation*
  • - Imporves joint health and overall physical function
  • - Accelerates overall workout recovery time
  • - Increases range of motion*
  • - Reduces cortisol levels and helps aid in sleep
  • - Is the most bioavailable turmeric at a low dose:
  • - Provides highest potency of turmeric (curcumin) without piperine
  • - Is Fully Organic, VEGAN AND GLUTEN-FREE
  • - Is manufactured in the USA. We have 100% traceability of our product from field to formulation
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Control: Glucose*                      

Moderate the peaks and valleys of your blood sugar, while balancing your energy and mood. Control: Glucose works with you to:
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  • - Lose the guilt of eating high carb foods like bread, pasta, and pizza.
  • - Stop the hunger pangs and the mental fog between meals.
  • - Increase endurance and physical stamina.

Control: Glucose lowers the glycemic impact from food, making it easier to maintain your metabolic health.*

Additionally, Control: Glucose slows blood sugar metabolism for healthy glucose management and supports healthy carbohydrate metabolism as well.*

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Proactively Addressing Healthcare

Unfortunately for far too long our healthcare system has become reactive and all too often, we try to fix a health-related issue only when it becomes a serious problem. Many of the conditions we experience in life are lifestyle driven; the foods we eat, the amount we exercise and the supplements we take. Upgraid is leading the revolution in between, pairing the best of science with the best of nature enabling us all to become more proactive, and preventative with our health. Enabling us to have specific, scientifically backed products for some of the largest conditions we all face. From inflammation to stress to our glucose levels each product is specifically tailored to enable you to be proactive. Helping us all flip the equation where we care more about our health now and worry less about the risks later.

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